Better Together

Dear Member

You will know that the campaign to keep Scotland strong in the United Kingdom, Better Together, was launched earlier today in Edinburgh.

I was there with campaign chairperson Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor, to hear 40 proud Scots, men and women, young and old, set out why they believe we should continue to work in partnership with our neighbours on these small islands. Those 40 people who helped launch Better Together represent the hopes and concerns of real Scots all over the country, and they put forward a strong case for the United Kingdom.

But I want to hear more of those voices, and I want to hear Labour voices. Better Together is a cross-party campaign but Labour is at its heart, and I believe it will be Labour voters who decide the future course of our country. In the coming weeks and months, you will see Scottish Labour make a distinctive, positive case about how social justice is best achieved by working together.

I am asking you today to sign up as a supporter on the Better Together website.

You can do that here, and watch our great video called Best of Both Worlds >>

By telling your friends and family about the campaign, by raising and donating funds, and by campaigning for Labour values in a strong Scotland within the United Kingdom, you can help make the difference.

I believe we are Better Together, and by getting involved you can show that you do too.

Best wishes
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Johann Lamont
Scottish Labour Leader

PS – remember to follow @UK_Together on Twitter and like the campaign on Facebook.

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