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I am writing to invite your CLP to submit a contemporary motion to the 2012 Annual Conference by 12 noon on Friday 21 September.

1. Submitting contemporary motions
a. Each CLP is entitled to make one submission to Annual Conference – either a contemporary motion or a constitutional amendment (rule change). If your CLP has already submitted a rule change then it cannot also submit a contemporary motion.
b. The deadline for receipt of contemporary motions is 12 noon on Friday 21 September.
c. CLP Secretaries may submit the contemporary motion online via Membersnet at:
d. Alternatively, from the Membersnet homepage at look for ‘Party Activity’ on the red bar at the top of the page and then choose ‘Contemporary Issues’ from the drop down menu.
e. If you have problems accessing Membersnet please call 0845 092 22 99 (Option 3).
f. If you would prefer a form to post or email back click here.
g. Contemporary Criteria: contemporary motions must meet the Conference Arrangements Committee’s (CAC) criteria as set out here.
h. The National Policy Forum’s Annual Report will be published in early August on Membersnet at:
i. Appeals: Thursday 27 September: the CAC will meet on 24 September to consider each contemporary motion. If a motion does not meet the criteria the CLP Secretary will be notified. The CLP’s delegate(s) or other member appointed by the CLP will be entitled to appeal to the CAC on the afternoon of Thursday 27 September in London. They may attend in person, or make representations in writing (by letter, fax or email) or by speaking directly to the CAC via a telephone conference call.
j. A Priorities Ballot will be held at Conference between 1.30pm and 4pm on Sunday 30 September to allow delegates to decide which contemporary motions subjects will be timetabled for debate. The top four subjects in the CLP ballot and the top four subjects in the affiliate ballot will be debated and voted on by Conference.
k. Compositing meetings - Sunday 30 September from 6.30pm
Delegates from organisations with a subject successful in the Priorities Ballot will need to attend a compositing meeting on Sunday evening. Times and venues will be announced at the end of the Sunday afternoon Conference session.
The purpose of the compositing meetings is to:
• draw up composite motions from all those submitted on the same subject which can be debated and voted on by Conference and
• to choose a mover and seconder.
Detailed information about compositing meetings can be found in the Delegates’ Report which will be sent to delegates in early September.
In the meantime delegates should be reminded that they may need to be available for a meeting on the evening of 30 September at Conference.

2. Emergency Motions
The Conference Arrangements Committee will also consider emergency motions. Emergency motions must:
a. be about an issue which could not reasonably have been the subject of a contemporary motion, or
b. have arisen after the closing date for contemporary motions - Friday 21 September at 12 noon, or
c. is an issue of urgent and immediate importance to the discussion by the whole Labour Party at Annual Conference
d. be received by Friday 28 September at 12 noon.
e. emergency motions must be emailed (no form required) to and a hard copy, signed by the CLP secretary or Chair, sent to the Conference Arrangements Committee, The Labour Party, One Brewer’s Green, Buckingham Gate, London SW1H 0RH or faxed to 020 7783 1506.

If you have any queries about contemporary motions please contact Margaret Lynch at email or 020 7783 1376 - but note that Margaret will be on annual leave until 13 August.

Yours sincerely

Declan McHugh
Secretary to the Conference Arrangements Committee

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